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登录:its that time of year again . the kids are back in school、the nights are getting cooler、footballs are flying through the air and apple is RS孩子们开学了the company just announced it will hold an event September 9 in San Francisco . and while apple is tighter with its secrets than the CIA,A new generation苹果公司刚刚宣布将于9月9日在旧金山举行会议。对苹果秘密的激进比中央情报局更严厉,但新一代iphone ——是2011年以后只能在9月或10月3354出现的赌局。

heres what to expect from the ninth generation of apples flagship device。下面是对apples第9代主力设备的期待。Name名称If recent patterns hold,The phone will be called iphone 6s-assuming its a relatively modest upgrade over last years iphone 6 . but If applianceit may ditch the odd-year S naming convention and call it iPhone 7,但如果苹果对手机做出回应,展开全面改革,预计在短短几年内将不会超越以“S”命名的传统。


新机器叫iphone 7。theres a perception among some consumers that the s models arent as desirable as the others . and apple may eventually choose to drop the numbers and terrop消费者有意见称,“s”机型不如其他机型令人满意。苹果公司最终可能很少破坏这些数字和字母(“iphone 19s”),Until then,were betting on iPhone6S。


在那之前,我们开了一个玩笑,叫做iphone 6s。大小reports suggest that after enlarging the device several times in recent years,Apple will retain the same display size as last years phones--报告显示,近几年来几次扩大屏幕大小后,苹果公司随后延长了去年产品的两个尺寸,即33544.7英寸和5.5英寸,但新手机厚度可能会减少。


这是从according to the wall street journal,whose Apple sources are usually reliable,the physical design will remain unchanged . 《华尔街日报》获得的发行日期公布日apple typically begins selling new iphones in the United States a week or so after theyre unveiled,And always on a friday.for example,TT苹果公司一般在公开新一代手机约一周后在美国开始销售。例如,去年发布会会议10天后,iphone 6后上市。so the first day youll likely be able to get your mitts on a new iPhone will be sep tember 18 .因此,需要获得下一代iphone的最快时间似乎是9月18日。 Features功能As usual,Apple will pack the new phones with a faster processor and an improved camera . reports say the next cameras will boast 12 mega pap全天新的iphone将配备更快的处理器,照相机也将升级。

该报告称新一代照相机为1200万像素(现在为800万像素),反对录制4K视频。but the biggest new feature will likely be something called Force Touch。但是接下来,新功能可能是下一代iphone反对force touch。


Already in use on the Apple Watch,Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the display that can distinguish between a light tap and a deep press . USS用户可以轻轻按屏幕关闭或用力释放应用程序,用于一系列可选控件。-登录。